PS3 Blu Ray Not Working? How to Fix It

Is your PS3 Blu Ray Not Working? One of the most complex parts on a Playstation 3 is the Blu-ray drive. The blu-ray drive is a very sophisticated piece of technology that allows you to use the gaming console to play the best PS3 games and to watch movies in superb high definition resolution. However, like many pieces of sophisticated technology, the Blu-ray player is also somewhat fragile and is prone to developing issues. This is particularly the case if you are an avid gamer and use your Playstation 3 a lot.

So, what are some of the most common causes of PS3 blu ray problems and how can you repair them when they happen? One of the most frequent issues that arises is the Playstation 3 blu-ray player gets out of alignment. This can happen if the unit is accidentally dropped or even during particularly intense game play. You can sometimes actually hear the disc making an odd noise when spinning if it has been knocked out of alignment. However, do not despair if you suspect this has happened. A good Playstation 3 repair guide can instruct you on how to check and make sure that the PS3 blu ray player is aligned properly and re-align it if necessary.

Another very common cause of Playstation 3 blu-ray issues is dust or dirt build up inside the unit. This is particularly true if there is dirt on the blu-ray lens, and if so, you will need to clean the lens very carefully. It is actually quite easy to clean the lens yourself at home with the right tools and instructions. However, if you do not know what you are doing you can also easily damage the unit. You should start by getting some Blu-Ray lens cleaner (sold in many stores and online), which often will come with detailed instructions for use. However, to clean the Blu-ray lens in the PS3 you will also need to open up the console and know how to properly remove and reinstall the blu-ray drive. A PS3 home repair manual will be very helpful for this process.

Finally, another less common Playstation 3 blu ray issue you might have is with the laser itself. In such cases, you may need to actually replace the laser inside the blu-ray player. Fortunately, this is a fairly rare issue, and if your PS3 is still under warranty you can send it straight to Sony to be fixed. However, if it is not under warranty any more, and you do not have the $150 to repair the unit that Sony will require (sometimes even more), it is also possible to purchase the parts (they should cost around $30) and do the repairs yourself at home with the help of a PS3 repair manual. Given the cost and time savings, you may find this to be the best option!

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