PS3 Display Problems

Fix Your PS3

So you want to play your PS3 and you load a game into the console, and then, nothing. The video display is black. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to play your PS3 because the game is not displaying on your television. However, fortunately, most of the PS3 display problems can be fixed easily at home.

1) Check your cables. Often PS3 display problems are caused simply by a cable not being plugged in completely into the television set or your PS3. Jiggle some of the cables to make sure they are fully attached. In particular, check the HDMI connection, because it often looks like its attached when its still a bit loose.

2) Check and make sure the cables are plugged into the right places and that the PS3 cable settings are correct. Yeah, sounds obvious, but often people make this mistake and the video doesn’t display because of this. Also, make sure that if you are using HDMI/DVI cables, the PS3 settings aren’t for standard A/V cables.

3) Check and make sure the PS3 display resolution settings are correct. If you have recently been playing your PS3 on an HDTV and then switched to a standard TV (or the other way around), you may have display problems. The resolution settings are set for standard (720p) by default, and if you have changed the settings, you’ll need to restart the PS3 in order for the new settings to be in place.

4) Reset the PS3. To do this, turn off your PS3, then hold down power button for about 5 seconds until the PS3 beeps. Follow your onscreen prompts to finish resetting the PS3.

If these fixes do not work, you need to get a hold of a copy of PS3 Repaired, which has many additional display problem fixes and which will save you well over a $100 which it will cost to send it to a repair shop. PS3 Repaired guarantees to get your PS3 up and running in under an hour, or your money back (and it is pretty cheap to begin with). You can also use the information in PS3 Repaired to fix any other PS3 problems you might have later on (such as the common red or yellow flashing lights issue) easily at home.

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