PS3 Overheating Solutions

PS3smokingIs your PS3 overheated? If your PS3 is overheating, you can have some serious problems resulting ultimately in mechanical failure.

If you suspect your PS3 is overheating, your first step should be to immediately turn off the unit and allow it cool.

Next, you need to do some PS3 troubleshooting in order to figure out what is the causing your PS3 to overheat. In order to fix PS3 overheating issues, you will usually need to address one of the three main causes of PS3 overheating:

  1. Poor Ventilation. This is the easiest problem to fix, and also one of the most common causes of an overheated PlayStation 3. Take a careful look at how your PS3 is positioned during game play. Is the fan blocked in any way? Do you have carpet or other fabric interfering with the ventilation system? If so, you can often easily fix the overheating problem by simply repositioning the unit.

  2. Dust Buildup.  When is the last time you cleaned your PS3 – inside and out? It may be time for you to do a thorough internal cleaning of your unit so that you can remove the dust that is causing the PS3 to overheat. This is easily done at home with a can of compressed air and following the instructions found in a good home PS3 repair guide.

  3. Cooling Fan Issues. Another common cause of overheating is problems with the internal fan system itself. If this is the case, you may need to send it in to Sony for repair (about $150) or use a home PS3 repair manual to do the fix yourself (can be done for under $50, including a new cooling fan and the PS3 guide itself).

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