PS3 Red Flashing Light

If you are noticing a red flashing light on your PS3, there are two principle causes for this issue:

1) the hard drive is overheating;
2) the hard drive needs to be reset

Fortunately, both of these issues are easily fixed at home. If you suspect the problem is with your PS3 is overheating (you can easily determine this by touching the console to see if it is running hot), you should immediately turn the unit off and let it cool down. After it is cool, make sure that when you restart the unit all the vents have clear access and are not blocked in anyway.

However, if overheating is not the problem, your next step should probably be to reset the hard drive into the unit. Sometimes PS3 red flashing light issues are due to the drive not connecting well with the cables and other internal components, and simply sliding the hard drive in and out again will often fix the PS3 red flashing light issue.

If this does not fix your problem, you may need to replace the hard drive. If your unit is still under warranty, it is best to send it to Sony for this repair. However, if the warranty has expired it can cost well over $150 to have Sony make this repair and you may want to replace the drive yourself at home to save a substantial amount of money. To do this, you will need to order a replacement hard drive (usually costs around $50) and get a good PS3 repair manual to walk you through the process (including video tutorials), such as PS3LightsFix.

With the PS3LightsFix guide, there is:

  • No need to fork out $150 in repair fees.
  • No need to wait weeks for repairs (you can get your PS3 repaired in under an hour!).

It’s safe, quick and easy and you can recover and access all your stored information on the PS3. PS3LightsFix includes a detailed eBook with images detailing the fixes, plus three professionally made videos to help you as well. It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee as well, so if for some reason the fixes do not work, you can get all of your money back.

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