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PS3Has your PS3 recently started to have some problems such as red or yellow blinking light issues, display issues, freezing or problems reading discs? Are you wondering whether you should pay a hundred dollars (or more) to send it out to get fixed, often waiting weeks until it is returned to you?

Fortunately, there is a better option: You can easily repair your Sony PlayStation 3 at home using a PS3 home repair guide. With a quality, easy to follow home PS3 repair guide, you should be able to fix all common problems with your PS3 yourself, usually in under an hour. No special electrical or technical expertise is required, as these guides will tell you how to do every basic repair in step by step detail.

There are several PS3 Repair Guides currently on the market, but not all are created equal. Some repair guides only have the information to fix a specific problem with your PS3. Others are way too expensive, while still others are short on details and content, and are just not a good deal overall. Given this variety, it can be hard to know which one to choose. So we decided to take a look at most of the PS3 repair guides currently on the market, to help determine which are the best deal.

We found three PS3 home repair guides that we believe to be especially good deals that truly deliver on their promises:

1. TOP PICK – For General Repairs PS3 Repaired Offers the Best Value

PS3 repairedWe chose PS3 Repaired as our top pick because of its comprehensive solutions to fix every common PS3 problem (everything from yellow and red light issues, to display problems, freezing and much more). The guide is written in a very easy to read format, with detailed illustrations of many of the repairs.

All of the fixes in PS3 Repaired are very easy to do at home, usually with household items you already have at hand. In fact, they guarantee that you will be able to fix your PS3 in under an hour using this guide or they will immediately refund you all your money back. For a no-frills but detailed, cheap and immediately downloadable home PS3 repair guide, PS3 Repaired is a great choice.

Because of its comprehensive focus, we believe this is a PS3 repair guide that you will be able to use time and time again, and that it is well worth its very low price of $24.

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2. For Yellow and Red Flashing Lights Problems, PS3 Lights Fix Is Best

ps3lightsfixboxcdPS3 Lights Fix is another excellent PS3 repair guide, and if you have problems specifically with yellow or red error lights, this is our best pick for you.

Some things we especially like about PS3 Lights Fix were the videos that were included with the guide, that helped walk you through some of the more advanced repairs.  We found these to make many of the repair processes much easier to follow.

We also liked that you can get PS3 Lights Fix sent to you on a CD as well. It costs a little bit more (you still get immediate access to the digital files), but for those who like “hard copies” of their programs, this is a great solution.

Also, although the primary focus of PS3 Lights Fix is repairing error lights issues, the repair guide also contains a lot of valuable techniques for fixing other problems as well as useful information on how to maintain your PS3 in top condition. Finally, PS3 Lights Fix also offers 24/7 customer support, in case you have any questions about the techniques. The guide does cost a bit more ($37 or $47, depending whether you want a CD sent to you), but given the additional features we feel it is well worth the price.

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3. YLOD PS3 Repair Wizard – A New, But Promising, PS3 Repair Guide

YLODRepairWizardThe YLOD Repair Wizard is a fairly new PS3 repair guide on the market, and because of this we have listed it as our third choice. That said, the guide has a lot of excellent information in it and is reasonably priced as well ($29). (Important Hint: You can get an additional discount on the guide right now when trying to leave the page (an additional $5 discount). You will be offered this discount when you leave the website for the first time).

This guide also includes comprehensive videos showing all of the repair processes in addition to the regular, photo illustrated repair manual.  And they also offers 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions about any of the techniques.

If you are looking for a PS3 repair guide that includes videos but you do not need a hard copy of the guide – or are simply looking to save a few dollars – then PS3 YLOD Wizard may be the right solution for you.

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Keep in mind that any of the above three PS3 repair guides can save you well over $100 in repair costs, and all come with a money back guarantee if they don’t work.

If you want to get your PS3 fixed quickly and cheaply, and get back to your games, you should seriously consider investing in one of these guides. Not only will they fix your PS3 now, but you will be able to use the information in these guides over and over again to fix any other problems that may occur for years to come!

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