Your PS3 Won’t Turn On? Tips to Help

If your PS3 won’t turn on, you are experiencing a common and frustrating issue that can often be fixed at home with the proper know how and techniques. Many start up failures are simple to fix at home, and can save you well over a hundred dollars in the repair costs you will incur if you send the PS3 back to Sony – not to mention several weeks of repair time as well.

Here are three simple steps to follow if your PS3 won’t turn on:

1) Check that all cables are connected correctly and securely. OK, you might be thinking, “of course they are!” but it is worth while doing another check even if you have done one before trying to search for solutions to repair your PS3 online. This is because often cables may appear to be connected, but once you jiggle them a bit you find that they have just the slightest looseness to them which may create a poor enough connection that keeps your PS3 from starting up.

2) Try resetting your hard drive. If you have checked all your cables and are sure they are connected securely and are all connected to the right locations, you next best step is to reset your hard drive. Dust and occasional jiggles and bumps can jolt the hard drive out of alignment, causing it not to start up. To reset your hard drive, you will need to remove the hard drive from your PS3 and then simply reinsert it back into the PS3. If you notice dust build up, be sure to blow this dust off the hard drive before reinserting it as well.

3) Make sure the power cable is working. If it is not a cable connection issue, and resetting your hard drive does not work, you should next check to make sure the power cable is actually supplying power to your PS3. If you suspect the power cord is the problem, you can try switching the power cord to your PS3 with the power cord to your computer (if they are compatible). If your computer works fine using the PS3 cable, then you can rule it out as the culprit when your PS3 won’t turn on.

These three steps should fix most problems when your PS3 won’t turn on, but if you are still having issues after trying these three steps, your next step will be to do more advanced PS3 troubleshooting. This can be done easily using an at home PS3 repair guide, such as PS3 repaired.

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